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Many organisations are faced with the challenge of communicating data effectively, securely and rapidly between sites, personnel in the field and within the organisation. Wireless communications networks from LSP offer customers a real opportunity to grow and communicate effectively.

Wireless communication is a revolutionary technology, which uses radio frequency to transmit and receive data over the air and works as an extension or alternative to a traditional wired LAN network. A wireless network can offer a customer a new flexible approach to shared information without installing or moving wired lines. A wireless network can be installed within one building making 'hot-desking' a reality or on a multiple site from building to building.

LSP has a direct working relationship with many wireless manufacturers and can offer customers a real opportunity to communicate and grow by tuning into this innovative technology in a cost-effective way.

The services offered by LSP include the following:

  • Inside a building as an alternative to a traditional wired LAN

  • Building-to-building as an alternative to an expensive leased voice and data line

  • Temporary network access including construction sites, exhibitions or auditors where a portable office is involved

  • Field-based mobile user network access

  • Hot-desking, listed buildings, where laying cable is inappropriate

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